Riding Around Reykjavik: An Intro to Horse Riding in Iceland

There’s no question that horse riding in Iceland is all the rage. The land of fire and ice boasts stunning natural landscapes from volcanic black sand beaches to glaciers and waterfalls. Taking a trail ride on one of the world-famous Icelandic ponies is an experience you’ve just got to cross off your bucket list!

Where to Horse Ride in Reykjavik

Me on my cute little mare courtesy of Laxnes Horse Farm outside Reykjavik.

When you arrive in Iceland, the perfect home base for traveling around the country is the capital city of Reykjavik. There are scores of options for horse riding all around Reykjavik, but due to its great reviews and history, we settled on Laxnes Horse Farm. A shuttle will pick you up from your hotel or hostel in Reykjavik and drive you the 20 minutes out to the farm. Once you reach the farm, your friendly hosts will get you suited up in waterproof boots, pants, gloves, and a helmet and introduce you to your trusty Icelandic pony!

Pere with his adorable pony in front of the barn at Laxnes Horse Farm.

The staff at Laxnes do a fantastic job of matching you up with your mount – I wanted a horse with a little more get-up-and-go, while Pere was looking for cool, calm, and collected. And, we both got what we wanted!

Trail Riding in Iceland

An example of the gorgeous scenery on our trail ride at Laxnes.

The horses at Laxnes are used to traveling in a herd, and with 25 of us on our trail ride, that’s definitely what it felt like! There’s room for riders of all experience levels, so no one should feel uncomfortable. Our trail ride lasted about 2 hours, with a break near a little stream and waterfall where we hopped off for a photo op. Then it was back onto our ponies where we divided up into two groups – the ones who wanted to tölt all the way home and those who would walk the way back.

What is an Icelandic Pony?

Just look at those faces!

Tiny and mighty, the Icelandic pony is normally 13-14 hands and comes in most all colors of the rainbow. Their characteristic gaits, the tölt and the flying gait, are some of the delights of riding one of these sturdy ponies! I didn’t get to try out the flying gait, but I did try my hand at the tölt which felt a little like riding a Tennessee Walking Horse. Definitely make sure to ask if you can try it out on your trail ride!

Combined Horse Riding Tours in Iceland

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon – the perfect stop after your trail ride!

There is so much to see and do in Iceland. Luckily for you, Laxnes offers combined tours so you can get in a morning ride plus an afternoon activity. Choose from caving, scuba diving, riding ATV’s, whale watching, a tour of the Golden Circle, or my personal favorite, a visit to the Blue Lagoon. A long, relaxing soak in the lagoon’s soothing geothermal waters is the perfect way to unwind after your trail ride. Your muscles will thank you!

Have you tried horse riding in Iceland at Laxnes or another horse farm or are you planning a trip? Let me know in the comments below!

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